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The Benefits of Self-Paced Learning for Working Adults

We all have slightly different learning styles.  While some of us thrive on the energy of actively participating in a classroom, others of us prefer working alone at our own pace.  For some, it may be best to attend a one-off workshop and get all the information in one shot, and for others, the most responsible way to learn is to have regular class times to attend.

Here at Opennetworks, we understand that we are all different, and we celebrate your unique learning style.  We have created beautifully designed courses and are pretty sure that we will have a course type to suit you.  Check out our courses at to browse the awesome selection of products made just for you.

Now, let’s chat about self-paced learning and why it’s often such a good fit for working adults.  

It’s definitely no secret that adulting is hard.  With way too much going on, too much responsibility, too many bills, too much stress and not enough time to get it all done, thinking about adding the responsibility of studying seems a little much.

But there is something to be said for having a growth mindset.  Being a lifelong learner who is willing to study and progress, to make a change and make improvements where needed is definitely an attribute that pays.  So how do we do it?  If you have the self-motivation and willpower, enrolling in a self-paced course might just be the perfect fit for you.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of self-paced learning, especially for adults who are also working.

  • No time?  No Problem

With self-paced learning, you can do your coursework whenever it suits you.  No need to reschedule or apologize for missed classes.  Just work on the material whenever it works for you.

  • Standardized In-Service Training

If you need to get a large group of employees trained over an extended time, investing in self-paced training for your staff may be the best way forward.  Having content that is permanent and easy to access when needed will ensure that all employees get the same training, in the same way, whenever the time is right.

  • Self-Assessment

Just like with in-person courses, self-paced ones have quizzes and assessments to complete.  Completing these allows you to make sure you have understood the material correctly and to rectify any misunderstandings or gaps in knowledge that may have occurred.  The permanent nature of the course material means that you can revisit content whenever you need.

  • Your Time is Your Own

Working through a self-paced course means that you have the opportunity to learn at your own speed.  Whether you are the kind of student that flies through coursework at lightning speed or needs to revise the work a few times before you feel confident with it, self-paced courses allow you to do what you need to get the best out of your investment.

  • Pay Less

With the costs for venues, lecturers, travel, time etc eradicated, it’s a no-brainer that online, self-paced courses cost less.  With a lower cost to study, your world is opened up and you may just find yourself enrolling for more courses than you would have done in person.

If self-paced studying is something that makes you excited, you should definitely check out our list of awesome courses.  Our current self-paced courses include:



Feel free to browse around and choose the courses that are the right fit for you.  We can’t wait to see you smashing those study goals!

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