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Cloud Data Analytics

Turn your Cloud Data into Insights.

Cloud analytics deploys scalable cloud computing with powerful analytic software to identify patterns in data and to extract new insights. Your business relies on data analysis to gain competitive advantage, to advance scientific discovery, and to improve the lives of your team and customers.

Google Cloud is the de facto leader in cloud analytics and big data management, leveraging years of experience and ingenuity across their business divisions to create the Smart Analytics platform.

Opennetworks Data Science Team help clients accelerate time to insights with Google Cloud, realising the benefits of integrated analytics services without limitations on scale, performance, and cost efficiency.

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Google Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics from Google Cloud

Independent studies have shown that ~30% of firms identified themselves as being data-driven. Leveraging complex structured and unstructured data in the 21st century is vital in finding new ways to accelerate innovation and solve business challenges. Without effective analytics, you’re shooting in the dark.

What you get from this process will be:


The answer to Cloud-native, serverless data warehousing, BigQuery is the answer to analysing petabytes of data at class leading speeds, all with zero overheads and at ~30% lower 3-year TCO than alternative cloud data warehouses.

Still not enticing enough? Built in ML, GIS and BI engines allow for unparalleled data modeling and geospatial analysis.


Dataproc makes open source data and analytics processing fast, easy, and more secure in the cloud, allowing you to build fully managed Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Presto, and other OSS clusters in a secure, cost effective solution with built in autoscaling.

Pub/Sub & Dataflow

Pub/Sub is in essence a messaging and event ingestion for event-driven systems and streaming analytics. Paired with Dataflow integration, it enables reliable, expressive, exactly-once processing and integration of event streams in Java, Python, and SQL.


The ultimate answer to integrated end-to-end multi-cloud platform data analysis and visualisation, Looker gives you the tools to power data experiences across a variety of cloud platforms, centralising your data analysis and creating a modern business intelligence system.

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Google Data Studio


Data Studio is Google’s free-to-use interactive dashboarding solution, allowing you to unite your data in one place and giving you the power to create engaging reports, in turn making smarter business decisions.

Our Opennetworks teams utilise Data Studio on a daily basis to communicate and act on customised datasets. It’s a platform that is designed with collaboration in mind and is simple enough for multiple teams and departments to compare, filter and organise data to gain the insights they need to achieve their goals.

We look forward to sharing these insights and skills with you to unlock the value of your data.

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