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Seedlings Preschool Remote Deployment & Training

School Profile

Seedlings Preschool is a small early childhood development centre with 18 staff and approximately 100 learners in Umhlanga, Durban. The staff have a range of devices from laptops to mobile phones. One of the reasons Seedlings chose Google for Education was that it works seamlessly on different devices. Seedlings Preschool investigated Google’s offering, trained staff and deployed accounts for all staff and learners within 5 weeks.

What we did

Staff attended training sessions via Google Meet and Opennetworks took staff through the 12 hour introductory training for distance learning. Various meetings were held with the principal and school administrators via Google Meet to set up the account security, finalise username convention, and plan teacher training needs.

School management enforced the technology by hosting staff meetings via Google Meet and collaborating on Google Docs. A database was created for sharing learner accounts with parents via email. Staff attended training on mobile phones and laptops. Opennetworks assisted with admin console setup and maintaining student security with limited access to Google services according to age group. Training school management on the admin console ensures that the school can continue to support staff, parents and students in a sustainable manner.

The result

The school is retaining parents by implementing Google Classroom for the distribution and collection of schoolwork. Training staff on G Suite tools and Google Classroom ensures that teachers are able to create digital learning experiences that students can complete remotely and share with their teachers. This significantly reduces the need for printing in a scenario where access to school infrastructure is limited. Collaborating via online tools ensures learners and teachers can stay connected and learn despite the COVID-19 crisis.

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