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Winetech – A web-based automated solution in research management

Opennetworks developed and improved Winetech’s research management system with web applications, document submission and automated email notifications etc.

The Wine Industry Network of Expertise and Technology (WINETECH) is a non-profit organisation in the SA Wine Industry responsible for funding and facilitating research programmes in a network of participating Universities, Institutions and individuals with the strategic intent of improving the competitive position of the wine industry.

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Google Cloud Platform

Google Workspace

Google Cloud Results

  • Built document management pipeline
  • Automated key functions including email, storage and reporting

The challenge

Winetech annually puts out research calls for which the company required an online application, evaluation and reporting process with associated workflows. The focus was on taking the process digital, saving time, automating functions and on the enhancement of collaboration.

The solution

Google Sheets, Forms and Docs with App Script, published as web-app with storage in Firebase and automated email function. Unique Doc copies and Forms were generated digitally for review with comments fetched and compiled through Cloud Functions. Data Studio was used to publish dashboards of information for annual reporting.

“I envisioned a system that will allow improved operational efficiency with a streamlined data-flow of key project details and financials from submissions all the way to a one page summary and data visualisation. An operational game-changer”
– Research, Development and Innovation Manager, Winetech

The result

Results included: Time efficiency, by automating application & reporting process saving hours of manual work. Timeous data request & delivery, by automating email alert functions. Improved data and document collaboration. Cost-saving, by using Data Studio (license fees and enhancing shareability). It also unlocked new possibilities of data searching and extracting specific information

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