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Google Workspace Deployment & Change Management

Google’s Google Workspace is the answer to many of the 21st century’s productivity, communication, LMS and IT management needs, but making the shift can be daunting.

The deployment of new ICT services in any organisation can be filled with unknowns, from productivity delay concerns to infrastructure and software compatibility issues, and even expectation management. This is where Opennetworks come in with over a decade of experience in the deployment of Google Workspace. Our Google Cloud Certified Professional Collaboration Engineers are at the ready to ensure the process follows industry best practices, is secure and as efficient as possible.

Our process


We fully assess your current IT environment and future requirements alongside your teams, to get an understanding of the unique productivity challenges and goals of your organisation.


Using Google’s guidelines and industry best practice, we develop a rollout plan to efficiently deploy Google Workspace across your organisation, preempting issues by identifying project risks and dependencies that Google Workspace deployment can mitigate.


Our Google Workspace Deployment Specialists are highly experienced and will work with your team to handle any challenge that comes our way, auditing your users day-to-day usage to identify improvements that Google Workspace deployment can bring to the table.


Go-live with Google Workspace throughout your organisation, including our change management and training services to empower your users and realise the benefits of Google Workspace.

Why is Change Management necessary?

Change Management is the act of preparing, supporting, and helping individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change. In the context of Google Workspace, this is essential in driving systemic digital transformation, as we are directly affecting the day-to-day workings of most – if not all – of your users. Some common questions when shifting to Google Workspace are:


Why are we making this change?

Is it the cost savings? The proven collaboration tools? A change in company vision or direction? Giving context to a major technology shift is helpful in helping your users adjust & adopt.


What happens to my old systems?

Ensuring your users understand the planned evolution of legacy systems & timelines for new systems integration eases transition & boosts adoption readiness.


How will I be prepared in these new systems?

Success is proportional to preparation and your teams deserve the best in training & internal communications during large technology shifts. Let our expert change managers assist.

With change management, we aim to reduce resistance to change by effectively communicating and answering the above questions and more, which in turn:

  • Reduces periods of coexistence with legacy systems
  • Limits holdouts and negativity due to confusion
  • Increases productivity and adoption

The outcome of a shift to Google Workspace

  • Infrastructure modernisation
  • 20-35% typical increase in user productivity
  • Annual IT operational costs reduced by 45-60%

Start your Google Workspace journey today – it’s easy.

Our teams are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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