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Making cutting edge collaboration technology accessible to business & education.

We believe in connecting people, empowering creativity and innovation, and reshaping the geographies we operate in.

What we do

Our specialized teams assist in the strategy, integration, change management & adoption of Cloud Products and Services for high growth organisations. We facilitate digital transformation through effective professional development services and ongoing support, both technical and operational.

Infrastructure & Cloud Migration
AI & Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Cloud Solutions Development
Workspace Deployment & Change
Workspace Support Services
Professional Development & Training

The right solution for your organisation

Opennetworks understands that no two organisations have the same technology needs. A cloud productivity strategy in the context of a multinational corporation with thousands of users around the world will not be the same as a small primary school looking at their first shift into a digital world. As the most experienced cloud experts in Africa, we will tailor the best solution for your specific needs.

Business solutions

Education solutions

We’re proud to now be offering

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Customer stories

We’re proud to work with some of the largest and most innovative companies in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Migrating to Google Workspace, we could offer additional tech value to our franchisees, because we could unlock the productivity suite for them. They no longer pay a license fee for word processing and spreadsheets software.

Justin Green, Head of Innovation
Rawson Properties

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Google Workspace gives us a lot of peace of mind. Other stakeholders in the regional real estate industry are still battling with establishing security protocols. I tell them to look at Google Workspace.

Stuart Manning, CEO
Seeff Properties

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