DevOps Solutions


We understand that no two DevOps flows may be the same. Our team can help you design, implement and optimise your cloud infrastructure so that you can manage and monitor services. This allows you to automate deployment and testing processes.

Our approach

1. Analyse

We work with your team to understand your DevOps workflows and how they are set up. 

2. Propose

We present a report to your team based on each of the DevOps components which encompasses  best practice and industry standard recommendations. 

3. Plan

Based on the results in our discussion, we plan a strategy and timeline going forward

4. Impliment or Advise

We ensure that this is all done with security at the front of the mind by using Google Cloud infrastructure. We can either do it with you, for your or alongside you. 

The DevOps loop

DevOps is the continuous integration of all of these standards. We make sure that this process follows a continuous loop. 

Our Toolbox

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