Data Engineering & Analytics


You have the data, let our team of data scientists help you to accelerate your time to insights with Google Cloud, where you can realise the benefits of integrated analytic services without limitations on scale, performance and cost efficiency. 

Data Warehousing

The answer to Cloud-native, serverless data warehousing, BigQuery is the answer to analysing petabytes of data at class leading speeds, all with zero overheads and at ~30% lower 3-year TCO than alternative cloud data warehouses. Still not enticing enough? Built in ML, GIS and BI engines allow for unparalleled data modeling and geospatial analysis.

Data Lakes

Dataproc makes open source data and analytics processing fast, easy and more secure in the cloud, allowing you to build fully managed Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Presto, and other OSS clusters in secure, cost effective solution with built in autoscaling.

Simplify Analytics Stream

Pub/Sub is in essence a messaging and event ingestion for event-driven system and streaming analytics. Paired with Dataflow integration, it enables reliable, expressive, exactly-once processing and integration of event streams in Java, Python, and SQL.

Business Intelligence Insights

The ultimate answer to integrated end-to-end multi-cloud platform data analysis and visualisation, Looker gives you the tools to power data experiences across a variety of cloud platforms, centralising your data analysis and creating a modern business intelligence system.

Our approach

1. Analyse

Our team will sit with yours and analyse all of your data sources. We aim to               understand what the data is used for and what insights you would like to derive from it.

2. Architect

Using our discovery workshop, we work out the best architecture for your needs and detail the products and solutions that we recommend. 

3. Plan

Once we are aligned, we plan the implementation strategy and discuss timeline and how many sprints will be needed in order to imagine your solution. 

4. Execute and Support

The work begins with regular touch points until completion where we then ensure you have the support you need going forward. 

Our Toolbox

The Cloud Girl

We like how she puts things together. Use this diagram to understand how to build a data analytics pipeline. 

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