Google Workspace Deployment & Change Management


Making the shift to Google Workspace is the answer to many of the 21st century’s productivity, communication, LMS and IT management needs. 

Our Google Workspace Deployment Specialists are highly experienced and ready to deploy your organisation following best practise guidelines. We focus on security, efficiency and customisation to suit your organisation’s needs.

Our process


We fully assess your current IT environment and future requirements alongside your teams, to get an understanding of the unique productivity challenges and goals of your organisation.


Using Google’s guidelines and industry best practice, we develop a rollout plan to efficiently deploy Google Workspace across your organisation, preempting issues by identifying project risks and dependencies that Google Workspace deployment can mitigate.


Our Google Workspace Deployment Specialists are highly experienced and will work with your team to handle any challenge that comes our way to ensure a successful rollout experience.


Go-live with Google Workspace throughout your organisation, including our change management services to empower your users to realise the benefits of Google Workspace. On day of go-live we are there to hold you hand.

Why is Change Management necessary?

We all know that most people hate change. We are here to help and support your organisation through this change to make it a seamless experience. Change Management is essential as we are directly affecting the day-to-day workings of most – if not all – of your users. They need to feel supported and empowered through the change.  

This includes timely communication and strategies to ensure adoption. 

Common questions to expect

Why are we making this change?

Is it cost savings? The proven collaboration tools? A change in company vision or direction? Giving context to a major technology shift is helpful in helping your users adjust & adopt.

What happens to my old systems?

Ensuring your users understand the planned evolution of legacy systems & timelines for new systems integration eases transition & boosts adoption readiness.

How will I be prepared in these new systems?

Success is proportional to preparation and your teams deserve the best training & internal communications during large technology shifts. Let our expert change managers assist.

What to expect

With change management, we aim to reduce resistance to change by effectively communication and answering the above questions and more. These aim to reduce periods of coexistence with legacy systems, limits holdouts and negativity due to confusion and increases productivity and adoption.

Our internal team is cross functional and we draw on each others experiences and expertise to ensure project success. 

Learn more about how our Training Resources & Custom Workshops along with our Dedicated Workspace Support Services will work together to drive success. 

Are you ready to pioneer with Google Workspace?

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