Network Security with Cloud Armor

Cloud Armor is a cloud-based DDoS mitigation and Web Application Firewall service. 

It is easy to set up, configure and scale without the worry of bandwidth. 

Cloud Armor will protect your workloads wherever they reside – on-premises, in co-locations or any public cloud. 

Our team will help you to make sure you are secure by checking your setup against best practices and industry standard guidelines. 

Check your network

We review your network to ensure that it is setup is what it should be. 

This includes exploring your

  • Firewall 
  • Network Perimeters 
  • Network Security 

We also check

Your identity access management

Assess your External connections 

Access to application and software 

Assess access to data 

Our approach

1. Analyse

We begin by doing a deep diving into your network and security set up. We analyse and understand what you have set up and learn what your desired outcome is.

2. Propose

We will then discuss these findings with you and put a proposal together. Our first action would be putting up Cloud Armor. 

3. Plan

Our team will build out a plan in order to achieve what is needed. 

4. Impliment or Advise

The action then begins where we either do what is needed, advise you on what to do or work alongside your team to put the necessary steps in place. 

Our Toolbox

Secure your data and be proactive
about potential threats.

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