Infrastructure & Application Modernisation


Google Cloud offers end-to-end solutions to modernize infrastructure, existing applications or to build greenfield cloud native applications. With these solutions you can focus less on the build and more on the innovation. 

Infrastructure Modernisation

Google Cloud offers flexible options for infrastructure modernisation. Whether you want to move and improve, improve and move, modernise in place or simply lift and shift there are a number of options to meet your needs including Google Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Anthos and VMware Engine. 

The quick and the why

Managed Offering

You don’t have to look after your hardware. In the cloud it is done for you where you get to realise the benefits of automatic updates, security patches and more.
The Google Cloud team ensure the hardware is never down so that you are always up and running.


With Google VMware Engine, you can move your existing workloads as is without changing your current tools and processes.
This allows you to access the transformative capabilities that Google Cloud provides such as analytics, containerisation, AI, ML and so on.


Our networks specialists get you set up on infrastructure that is best in class.
Google’s networks is best at security and built on zero trust foundations.

Application Modernisation

When you have an app, you need it to run quickly with the ability to scale. 

Our team is passionate about doing just that. Our experienced Engineers and Developers know how to make the functions work for you. 

To modernise your application we do the following: 

Our approach

1. Analyse

We will begin by analysing your existing infrastructure or application. We spend time with your team understanding what you have and unpacking your desired goals and objectives. 

2. Propose

Based on the discussions in this Discovery process, we then propose a solution and tools to help you achieve your desired goals.

3. Plan

Once our teams are aligned we start putting the plan together with regards to how many sprints it will take, set project milestones and overall project timeline. 

4. Impliment and Support

Time for action – the plan kicks off and with regular check ins, we work collaboratively until the project is complete where our team then acts as a support.

Our Toolbox

Looking for an upgrade?
We know the best kind.

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