Custom Security Audit and Workshop


Google Workspace was designed to meet stringent privacy and security standards based on industry best practices. This means you have everything you need to keep your organisation secure, but you may not know the best way to configure them. 

Our certified and experienced Professional Google Workspace Administrators help to identify and address threats and security breaches within your organisations Admin Console. 

What to expect

Our custom security audit and workshop will take place over a 2 day period. 

Day 1

Our team will perform a detailed audit on your Admin Console. This entails going through all the settings and consolidating best practice recommendations based on industry standards.

Day 2

Our team will meet with yours to discuss findings and give you a detailed report. In this workshop we will go over the settings that may present threats, explain the risks and give an overview of the recommended changes. 

Don't like being audited - we bet you'd love this one.

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