Google Workspace Support Services

Your first line of support

Our Technical Account Management Team offer a wide variety of support options based on Service Level Agreements, Retainers and ad-hoc-contracts. 

Available via email, phone, Freshdesk portal and other channels to support and advise your team.

End User Support

A positive user experience reduces digital frustrations. New technology should not be a headache which is why our Technical Account Management team is qualified to assist your users with technical issues. You can be assured that your team members will be guided and supported through their journey with Google Workspace. 

Admin Support

Each of our Technical Account Managers hold a Professional Google Administrator Certification along with extensive experience in working with the Admin Console. For many IT Admins, this might be their first experience in Google Workspace. Through our communication channels, your IT Admins are able to get the support they need to help your organisation run smoothly. 

Your knowledge resources

We provide tried & tested best-practice guidelines to ensure your systems are efficiently managed & secure.

Beyond this we make use of a number of Google resources. Below are some links we know will help you to be successful in your Google Workspace journey. 

Support Articles

Find support articles listed per tool that help you to troubleshoot your queries. 

Admin Help

Find tips, tutorials and FAQ’s all focus on Google Workspace Admin. 

Google Workspace Learning Centre

From start to finish, including role & industry practises, productivity tips and more. The Google Workspace Learning Centre has it all. 

Google’s Status Dashboard

See when Google is down, what the issue is and when it is expected to be resolved. The Status Dashboard will keep your team informed.

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