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Solving problems and modernising infrastructure with Cloud.

Opennetworks Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure Modernisation & Cloud Migration

Flexible infrastructure that’s built for today with the scalability for tomorrow. Let us help you modernise your infrastructure and build for the future.


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AI & Machine Learning

AI to help your business run smoother and faster. We help strategise how your organisation will build, use and document AI & Machine Learning to improve processes and delight customers!


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Data Analytics

Smart analytics that empower your teams to gain real-time insights, while eliminating issues like scale, performance and cost. Make your decisions data-driven and accelerate innovation.


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Cloud Software Development

Our Cloud Software developers build bespoke cloud software solutions that are flexible, reliable and scalable. From strategic consultancy to end-to-end product development, we’re ready to build with you.


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Shift to world-class infrastructure

Google Cloud offers pre-packaged cloud infrastructure solutions from Oracle, SAP and VMware, to name just a few. Opennetworks qualified Cloud Architects and Developers are at hand to help you build out future-proof cloud architecture that meets your needs exactly.

Security, security, security

Secure-by-design is Google’s ethos for all of their infrastructure, protecting your data, applications and users from malware with advanced threat detection. Pair that with our in-house Cloud Security experts and you have a bulletproof cloud system.

Intelligent analytics

Scalable analytics solutions for your AI and Machine Learning, data warehouses and data warehouses. We utilise baked-in Google analytics tooling, from BigQuery through to Stream analytics and DataStudio to build out custom solutions for specific applications.

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Hybrid Cloud with tools like Anthos allows you to realise your existing ICT capital investment while simultaneously pursuing modernisation and a cloud strategy, while multi-cloud allows integration with other cloud providers and prevents vendor lock-in. It’s a win-win!

Customer Stories

We’re proud to work with some of the largest and most innovative companies in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

  • Research, Development and Innovation Manager
    “a system that will allow improved operational efficiency with a streamlined data-flow of key project details and financials from submissions all the way to a one-page summary and data visualisation. An operational game-changer”
  • Hlayasani Staff Member
    “Since shifting to Google Workspace collaboration has improved, which had a definite effect on productivity and our working culture.”
  • Vinpro Staff Member
    “We now have the ability to analyze and compare yields from multiple years to better formulate future strategies.”
  • Jan-Andre le Roux
    “Although we had to expose our staff to a lot of change in a short period of time, the Google environment was so aligned with our core values that this far the opportunity cost. We were also confident in the security of the platform”
  • Justin Green
    “Migrating to Google Workspace, we could offer additional tech value to our franchisees because we could unlock the productivity suite for them. They no longer pay a license fee for word processing and spreadsheets software.”
  • Stuart Manning
    “The uniformity that we can apply to our extended network through Google Workspace gives us a lot of peace of mind. Other stakeholders in the regional real estate industry are still battling with establishing security protocols. I tell them to look at Google Workspace.”
  • Grant Walliser
    “The speed and visual simplicity of Data Studio’s collaborative reporting technology, and the immediate access to real-time data it allows, helps us to better provide for our customers.”
  • Joseph Banda
    Head of Operations - The Student Hub
    "One of the smoothest technical transitions The Student Hub has ever been part of"

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