The Biggest Reason Your Team Productivity is Suffering.

The biggest shortfall of your business right now could be something as simple as communication. The world has changed. It was in the process of changing, becoming more digital and implementing AI, among other technologies, in certain areas, but with COVID hitting, we were catapulted into a trajectory of evolution that was faster than comfortable. […]

Video Call Etiquette: Small Ways to Make a Big Impression Online

How many virtual meetings have you attended since March 2020?  10?  20? Countless?  For most people around the globe, the sudden dawn of digital meetings meant a fair amount of discomfort, having to clear a space with a professional-looking background and needing to quickly learn (and come up with) etiquette rules in this “new normal” […]

Opennetworks brings Google Workspace to African businesses

African corporates embrace Google Workspace Opennetworks helps bring rebranded G Suite to businesses across the continent October, 30, 2020, Johannesburg – Google recently announced its G Suite rebrand, introducing Google Workspace to the SMB and enterprise market; providing a single online working environment that brings all the needs of the modern professional innovator and collaborator into […]

Opennetworks supports G Suite for Education rollout

100 African schools get G Suite for Education Opennetworks facilitates implementation for disadvantaged schools in SA November, 19, 2020, Johannesburg – With COVID-19 driving the necessity for, and adoption of, remote learning for more than 300 million learners across the continent, the Google for Education team recently funded G Suite for Education set-ups for over 100 […]

New vibe & a new site

“Fresh. New. Revived. Realigned” Constantly adapting and evolving is essential to not only surviving, but also thriving – especially during a global pandemic. Lockdown gave the Opennetworks team the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on where we’ve been and where we need to be. One thing has definitely not changed, our ambition […]

Opennetworks “Unmutes” Remote Learning

Opennetworks facilitates remote learning Opennetworks “Unmutes” Remote Learning “Is everyone on mute?”, well not anymore! Through the Grow with Google project, Opennetworks and partners have made it possible for over 100 schools across the African continent to benefit from the advantages of G Suite for Education. Opennetworks, itself, was responsible for deploying the solution across […]