The Biggest Reason Your Team Productivity is Suffering.

The biggest shortfall of your business right now could be something as simple as communication.

The world has changed. It was in the process of changing, becoming more digital and implementing AI, among other technologies, in certain areas, but with COVID hitting, we were catapulted into a trajectory of evolution that was faster than comfortable. Basically, we are living in a new era, and we need to catch up.

If your business is still relying on older methods of communication, and older ways of staying on top of what your team members are doing, you may have just found the biggest reason your productivity is suffering.

Email lists as long and confusing as a 4-year old’s story about a YouTube channel, just aren’t conducive to productivity. We’ve all been on those… the ones where you start panicking because your to-do list is buried somewhere between hundreds of explanations, arguments, chatting and replies. Let’s not even mention the attachments that only show up on the original mail!

How do I address this?

If you are finding that your team productivity is suffering, you may need to look into a better way to, not only communicate, but also keep your team members on the same page at the same time.

Platforms like Google Workspace are invaluable tools when it comes to team productivity. Yes, your team members and you can communicate in real-time, or over time, and you are given a bird’s eye view of who is working on what, when, and how they are coping with it. Projected timelines and collaborations are also a great feature and the team is then able to hold each other accountable with a clear vision of what is really happening with each project.

With employees working remotely all or most of the time, having Google Workspace also allows you, the leader, to keep the company culture alive. We all need to remember why we are working where we do, what we stand for, and how we are making a difference. Having such a valuable tool at your fingertips allows you to keep sharing that all-important set of values among your employees, just as you would in a physical office.

Conclusion – The Biggest Reason Your Team Productivity is Suffering

So, what is the biggest reason your team productivity is suffering? You need to take a deep breath and step into the future of your business. It may have happened quickly, but the world evolved and we need to ensure that your teams are in sync with each other, you, and the rest of the planet.

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