3 Cloud Computing Myths Busted

We know. The mere concept of a cloud is whispy, un-touchable, just out of reach and a little stormy at times. But our understanding of the cloud taking the world by storm doesn’t need to be.
Today, we are helping bring the cloud down to earth. Here are 3 myths about Cloud Computing, along with their no-nonsense, myth-busting truths, for you!

Myth 1: Cloud Computing has increased security risks.

Myth-busting Truth: Cloud Computing is likely more secure than your existing system. Most cloud vendors use data encryption as well as stringent security procedures. They make use of experts in security and data, to protect their data. Since this is their most valuable asset, it is their priority. With your data encrypted and in the hands of highly trained professionals, your security is at an all-time high.

Myth 2: Cloud Computing is expensive.

Myth-busting Truth: Almost every business that uses cloud services saves money. The fact that you don’t need to invest in hardware is the main money saver. Bulky, expensive equipment also comes with needs, like cooling, maintenance, security and updates. The yearly cost to businesses who have to replace lost, stolen or broken computers is astronomical. Using cloud technology services cuts out all of these costs, lowering your capital expenses.

Myth 3: Set-up takes too long and we can’t afford the wait.

Myth-busting Truth: Set-up normally takes a few days. A good cloud provider will take care of all aspects of the migration and simply provide you with the information and tools you need. The process should be quick and easy, with minimal disruption to your business.
So many IT specialists and business owners feel the trepidation that often comes with change. It’s not the easiest thing to adapt and use new systems while keeping a business running. But the honest truth is that cloud computing offers so much more than traditional systems. With graphic-rich, informative reporting and extremely user-friendly dashboards, even the most technologically challenged users are able to find their way and enjoy it.

Our challenge to you today? Smash those myths and make the move of a lifetime!

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