3 Reasons Santa uses Google Workspace

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; given the challenges we’ve experienced in 2020, have you ever wondered how Santa Claus will pull it off this year? Will he be allowed to fly across the world with travel restrictions in place? Will he be prohibited from touching the milk and cookies set out for him because of possible Coronavirus exposure? The answer? A combination of holiday magic and… cloud technology. Here are 3 ways Google Workspace has helped create a Christmas to remember…

To communicate and showcase this brand energy and team unity, we’ve gone ahead and made some visual changes. We went on a journey to subtly rebrand our divisions, introducing some great new elements and removing some of the old. Some changes you may already have noticed and some not just yet. Our redeveloped logos communicate the strength and solid foundation that each of our divisions has on its own as well as the strong connection each has to the Opennetworks organisation. What’s more, we would like to introduce some new team members to you – meet our quirky division mascots who you will no doubt encounter across our various training platforms.

1. Safe “letter” sending

With borders closing, and the requirement to limit the touching of objects and surfaces, how have wish lists been getting to Santa? Gmail of course! Here, Santa was able to create a custom email address for him and his elves (name@northpoleco.com), receiving twice the amount of storage of his personal Gmail account and benefitting from 24/7 tech support and 99% guaranteed uptime. Santa could also ensure that phishing and other spam emails were blocked, so he could concentrate on legitimate emails from real children (no bots will be receiving any gifts this year…). What’s more, he could chat to all the various elf divisions and make effective business calls, while in Gmail, coordinating and processing toy requests more seamlessly than ever before!

2. Effective database storage

Let’s face it, making a list and checking it twice in order to find out who’s naughty or nice, is a lot of tedious admin. That’s why Santa chose Google Workspace! The solution provided him with access to a selection of flexible and ample storage options, ensuring that he never ran out of space for his global database – which of course, includes addresses, number of children per family and whether or not houses have suitable chimneys. He was also able to easily manage users and file sharing in line with corporate governance frameworks; protecting company data with enhanced security. Google Vault also allowed for the exporting and preservation of user data from specific Google Workspace apps. Not only was Santa able to keep track of all the children around the world, but he was also able to keep HR records in check, ensuring that elves never missed out on any leave days and that all employee benefits were kept up to date (especially dental, there are lots of candy canes in the North Pole after all…).

3. Staying connected

Social distancing protocols have not been easy to follow, given the vast number of staff, business units and let’s not forget Santa’s reindeer! Enter Google Meet! Santa was able to stay in touch with all stakeholders just by quickly, and easily, setting up meeting links – no sign-ins or annoying plug-ins. It stands to reason that no one wanted the Grinch to hijack a planning meeting and sabotage the festivities! The good news is, external participants can join directly only if they are on the invite, and other participants have to be let in by a member of the host organisations (in this case, North Pole Co.) Santa can also remove anyone misbehaving during the call and automatically put them on the naughty list! In addition, employee collaboration has also never been easier. Elves were able to work on toy plans and delivery schedules in real time (using Docs, Sheets and Slides) without needing to wade through thousands of versions and risk sending the wrong one to manufacturing. This enhanced efficiency, saved time and sped up production!
Ultimately, everyone deserves good tidings, joy and a bit of mistletoe this Christmas. Google Workspace promises agile, flexible solutions, quality interactions and industry leading security and privacy compliance. This product suite provides all organisations (even North Pole Co.) with everything they need to get anything done, in one place.

Keen to have Google Workspace in your stocking this year?

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