5 Creative Uses for Your Email Signature

5 Creative Uses for Your Email Signature

Is it just us, or does it seem like the most together people have great email signatures?  A good-looking email signature has the power to elevate your email from personal to professional with literally one look from your client.  Sure, a signature at the end of an email shows your client who you are and what you do, but did you know that using an email signature can serve a few more purposes?  

We have pooled our knowledge and wisdom and are super excited to bring you 5 creative uses for your email signature.

Using Your Email Signature for Marketing

We know that emails are a great way to work that sales funnel, but including some marketing details in your signature is all about seizing the opportunity to get the most of out of this platform.

Your email signature can include information about new products and services, upcoming events, and even product launches.  Add a working link and you are even more likely to get follow-on support.

Using Your Email Signature for Information

Sharing information and news about your business can be a little difficult during day-to-day communication.  If you have won an award or changed something about the business, gained an extra qualification, or added a service, your email signature can be a fantastic place to let people know.

Using Your Email Signature for Security

Adding a disclaimer at the bottom of your email is often a safe way to get important information across to your recipients.  By attaching it to your signature, you will ensure that every recipient gets the disclaimer, every time.

Using Your Email Signature for Engagement

The more engagement you can get from your clients, the more likely you are to generate more and ongoing support.  Include links to your digital platforms and encourage your email recipients to visit your pages for more fun and current information.

Using Your Email Signature for Branding

Branding is something that we can never have too much of.  Add images or your business logo to your email signature and help your clients remember your business name, logo, look and feel.  Keeping your business top-of-mind for your clients could just bring you those referrals and repeat business that we all strive for.

Now that you know how to use your email signature in 5 creative ways, let’s look at a short list of things to keep in mind when designing your signature.

What is a Good Email Signature?

A good email signature follows this simple set of rules:

  • Include your full name and professional role
  • Use colours and fonts that are simple and consistent with your brand
  • Ensure that your links work
  • Make use of spaces to create a clear layout
  • Make sure your signature is also mobile-friendly
  • Include a country code for your mobile number

Creative Uses for Your Email Signature: Last Words

With so many avenues for marketing and connection available to us, it makes perfect sense to use a well-designed email signature to add a little extra spark and flavour to our emails.  By using working links, we are not only sharing that extra bit of information but providing yet another opportunity for our clients to engage with us and support the business.  Keep in mind the overall brand look and tone while designing your email signature and reap the rewards of a professional opportunity for connection.

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