5 Must-Haves for Implementing Software While Keeping Productivity Up

5 must-haves for implementing software while keeping productivity up | Opennetworks

Having a transformation strategy is pretty important for any business that aims to stay current, progressive and productive.  Part of transformation very often includes implementing new software, but what if that very implementation throws a spanner in the works, and brings your employee productivity to a screeching halt?  Well, fear not!  We have learned through experience, and done some quality research just for you.  We are so pleased to present to you, our top 5 must-haves for seamless software implementation.

  1. A plan. Yes, this may seem like a pretty simple must-have, but be sure to consider as many aspects of the expected change as possible in your plan.  You could include things like understanding what the software can truly deliver, preparing the project team, anticipating employee needs, offering training and mentoring, and the expected implementation timeframe.
  2. Excellent communication. This is always super important, but even more so when taking on a task like this.  Communication between the software vendor and all members of your team should be clear and ongoing.  The team will need transparency about realistic deliverables, the software capabilities and the implementation process.  Having everyone on board throughout the process will help the transition go through with minimal disruption to productivity.
  3. Real-time training. When employees aren’t sure of the limitations, advantages and full specifications of the new software, productivity can fall.  This can lead to plummeting morale and a lower return on software investment.  By offering ongoing, real-time training, especially in the form of a digital adoption platform, employees will be given guidance as they need it, at their own level.
  4. Take the personalities of your employees into account. In any group of people, there tends to be a mix of personality types, and this is really what makes a dynamic team work.  But did you know that, according to Everett Rogers, your personality can be classified by how quickly you adapt to new technology?  Rogers outlines 5 groups that employees could fall into
    • Innovators: tech enthusiasts
    • Early adopters: willing to try new tech
    • Early majority: waits to see how the tech will benefit their work
    • Late majority: waits until it’s unreasonable not to use new tech, or it’s mandatory
    • Laggards: uncomfortable learning new tech or tools
  5. Make use of incentives. These can be a little counter-productive if used too often, or for creative projects, but they do also have their place. If you are trying to incentivise the use of an element of software, especially for something a little less creative, (think, time-tracking, for example) then rewards can be a great way to get people on the same page.
    Understanding your software, your staff and your team dynamic go a long way in introducing and implementing new software.  In the end, most of us fear change when we don’t know what to expect.  By keeping things clear and transparent, you will find that the transition is made easier and is more likely to be adopted by your teams, keeping that all-important productivity way up

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