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How to make the best use of Google Search.

There are 5.4 billion Google searches every day and we are 100% sure you make up part of that number.  But, as often as you may use Google, how honed are your search skills?

Prepare to be amazed as we share some insights into using Google effectively.

We all know how to type words and questions into the search bar, but did you know that there are more tools at your disposal?  Read on, to see our top tips for searching Google like a pro.

  1. Choose your words

There are a few tricks you can use with your words that can help you get what you are looking for.

  • Quotation marks: by putting a sentence or phrase in quotation marks, Google Search knows to search for all the words together.  “How to use Google effectively”
  • The word “OR”. You are able to use OR to ask Google Search to look for two options.  “How to use Google effectively” OR “searching like a pro on Google”
  • The hyphen. By adding a hyphen (-) to your search, you will show Google Search to ignore the word after the hyphen.  Ballet-music.  Google will only search for Ballet topics that are not related to music.
  1. Google Search tabs

Google Search has a page that provides you with different themes to choose for your search.  Narrowing down your search means better, and quicker results.  You will find the tabs at the top of the page, and can choose from any of these themes:

  • News
  • Videos
  • Maps
  • Flights
  • Images
  • Shopping
  • Books
  • Finance
  1. Tools

Once you’ve entered your search criteria, head on over to the tools option.  You’ll find it on the far right of the search tabs.  By using this option, you can filter your search results even further and search for content posted a day, week, month or even a year ago.  There is also the option to select a custom range.

  1. Image results

To make the best of the search function when searching for images, select images and type in your search. You can now click on the tools tab again. This will provide you with search options, including:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Type (eg. Clipart, GIF, etc.)
  • Time
  • Usage rights

Remember that it’s always important to make sure you have the right to use images!

Save time and frustration by using the tools that Google Search has given you, and search like a pro.

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