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Pack Leader : Automating Data for speed and visual simplicity

Pack Leader implements an automated data pipeline, utilising BigQuery and DataStudio to turn data into actionable insights for sales reps.

Pack Leader is a group of dedicated people that are trying to make a profoundly positive difference to the lives of every pet we serve. Everyone in our pack, whether they are vets, sales reps, customer care, marketing or accounts and distribution team members live the vision of world-class pet care.


Google Cloud Platform

Google Workspace

Google Cloud Results

  • Built and automated a data pipeline,
  • Data extraction from inventory system, running it through BigQuery for computational speed
  • DataStudio visual customer report dashboards to support sales reps – up-to-date and accessed anywhere

The challenge

The current reporting tool’s high license fees and manual report generating process was causing bottlenecks and time delays in getting customer reports to the Sales Reps. Pack Leader approached Opennetworks for a solution. Could Data Studio allow the Sales Reps access to reports, using the latest daily data, while on the road visiting their customers with no additional costs?

The solution

Using Apps Script, Drive, Sheets, BigQuery and Data Studio, a data pipeline was built, taking data out of the inventory system straight into customer meetings. The sales team now has access to rich, relevant information delivered on a highly visual platform which adds a new dimension to discussions with customers.

“The speed and visual simplicity of Data Studio’s collaborative reporting technology, and the immediate access to real-time data it allows, helps us to better provide for our customers.”
Grant Walliser, Chief Executive Officer, Pack Leader Pet Products

The result

Using Google tools and services allowed for a 100% reduction in reporting license fees, a 10% increase in productivity in the accounts department and a 90% increase in delivering timeous data to the customer.


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