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What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace – The Space To Be

While there has been a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of Google Workspace, the team has received a number of questions about what businesses need to do to transition effectively. Don’t worry! Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that all employees are trained on the new features and that your business is able to leverage the offering’s benefits as strategically as possible.

Why did Google decide to rebrand G Suite?

As we know, Google is all about helping people transform the way they work, aiming to achieve this, while dynamics and operating environments also change. In addition, COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digitised interactions, particularly on mobile phones. Connection is what it is all about – with this new solution in place, collaboration is made easier, time can be spent on what matters most and employees and clients can interact no matter where they are.

What’s different about Google Workspace?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for everyone to rethink their remote work arrangements, whilst maintaining a human connection with others. Google Workspace promises to deliver more agility, assisting users in maintaining quality interactions, underpinned by enhanced security features that provide peace of mind.
Ultimately, Google Workspace combines everything you need to get anything done, all in one place. It includes all the functionality you have become accustomed to (Gmail, Drive, Docs etc.) and much, much more. With enhanced integration and an engaging user experience, Google Workspace is the best way to create, communicate, and collaborate.

What are the new, upcoming features?

  • Preview a linked file without having to open a new tab (less tabs, less clutter, more time)
  • @mention someone in your doc and contact details (internal and external) will appear with suggested actions (like “reach out via chat”, or “add to contacts”)
  • See and hear the people you are working with in Gmail, Chat, Sheets, Slides and Docs with Meet picture-in-picture (facial expressions and other non-verbal cues can tell you a lot…)
  • New look icons for various apps, demonstrating the integration of various collaborative tools
  • Easier collaboration with clients or partners that are not part of the organisation. Employees will be able to dynamically create, and collaborate on a document with guests in a specially created “chat room”
  • No more unwanted participants in your Google Meet interactions. Users can now be labelled as abusive and be prohibited from joining
  • Google Chat will also be safer as admins will have access to audit logs, which will highlight any potentially malicious behaviours
  • Enhanced data management and protection, as well as best-in-class compliance with international privacy frameworks and laws

What are the new, upcoming features?

One of the key advantages to Google Workspace is the recognition that organisations have evolved and adapted to rapid digital transformation, valuing bespoke solutions and above all, choice. As such, the product suite offers a number of tailored tools, designed for a range of businesses from small to large enterprises. Each company will have its own needs, which will require adjusted packages and varied technical support with corresponding prices.
Google has favourably priced the new solution tiers to provide customers more value in all license segments, when comparing productivity and storage at the same price points for similar solutions from competitors. Google has also included attractive upgrade incentives and discounts for qualifying domains to facilitate a successful transition to the new license packages.
Google customers can expect a simpler, intuitive and more flexible professional workplace toolkit that is secure and empowers collaboration and supports them to achieve their goals efficiently and cost effectively.
Opennetworks is working closely with its existing customers to take advantage of the benefits and in managing their transition to Google Workspace. Opennetworks is also supporting new customers on their journey to embracing this market leading workplace solution.

What are the new, upcoming features?

Our educational clients can look forward to utilising Google Workspace in the coming months. In the interim, they can continue to access all necessary tools via G Suite for Education.
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