Instant Collaboration is the Lifeblood of Work in the New Normal

The new normal. We’ve heard the phrase. We’ve experienced the changes. We’ve felt the stress of it all. For so many businesses, the new normal means having to pivot the way we communicate. Projects that could have been discussed in person now have to be shuttled between colleagues, with every edit needing a new email, phone call or video conference call.

But there is a better way.

The advent of our new normal has highlighted a growing technology that promises to streamline work systems and collaborative projects. Imagine having the ability to work on a document simultaneously with teammates, while keeping track of each individual’s edits, suggestions and notes. Having a bird’s eye view of the work, while dealing with the finer details at the same time.  Having everyone working from different locations, but communicating in real time, with no cameras and no emails.

The solution that has changed the world of remote working forever, is Google Workspace.

With Google Workspace, the promises become a reality. We can now move on from the old ways of communicating and step into the faster, more efficient, user-friendly world of the future.

The truth? It is just no longer necessary to have tedious email threads that contain never-ending emails with each edit, question, suggestion and conversation separate. Surely, we have all felt the frustration of information becoming buried in a mountain of notifications?

So, how does it work? Google Workspace allows businesses to streamline how collaboration is done. Documents are hosted in a shared folder, and each teammate’s cursor has a label and specific colour designated to them. This means that you see changes and comments in real time and can also immediately see who is active in which part of the work.

Not only is Google Workspace fully customizable for your specific business, but it also allows you to access your documents, Calendar, Gmail and Google Meet from the same platform. If it is space you are concerned about, online storage can be completely tailored to suit your specific needs. The easily-navigated central console means that you can manage your groups by adding and removing users as needed.

If your new normal needs an update to make it a little more enticing, know that Google Workspace has you covered. Use your phone, tablet or PC to access your work at any time, from any place, and enjoy 24/7 support from Google too.

For the fast, reliable, efficient, secure solution, that will motivate your employees and allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, move into the new normal, and make the shift to Google Workspace.

Ready to make the shift to Google Workspace?
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