Our Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Shift to the Cloud

Now, more than ever before, the shift to remote work is not only appealing but necessary. What stopped businesses in the past from taking this route, was mainly the headache of pivoting how the business was actually run.
A major concern was around questions of how to keep employees on track with meeting deadlines and goals, while still allowing the freedom and flexibility of working from their location of choice. Then there was the question of corporate culture and identity. How is it possible to create and maintain the corporate culture we know our clients need to connect with, across a distance? The answers seemed too distant to warrant consideration, until the advent of the cloud.

Like the snow-white tablecloth rolling off Table Mountain, the mighty Cloud has arrived and it is set to make running a business remotely, significantly easier.  Let’s have a look at our top 4 reasons your business should make the shift to the Cloud.

Lower Costs

By using Cloud Technologies, you will be able to focus your resource spending in meaningful ways.  With no need to purchase, replace and maintain hardware, you are able to purchase and adapt your subscription fees; allowing the service provider to do the heavy lifting.  If your business has fluctuating bandwidth needs, it is a simple task to upscale or downscale your cloud capacity as needed. Adding the ability to reduce the need to maintain and spend on less convenient tools which require higher hardware spend for computing hardware to the user.

Data Security

Companies report that two of the biggest factors resulting in data loss each year are human error and hardware malfunction or loss. While going cloud-based won’t solve the issue of human error, organisations can leverage tools within Cloud to capture and mitigate possible human errors before they occur. This in turn will add an element of redundancy and it will significantly minimize the issues around hardware and data loss. Having all your company’s work uploaded to a shareable space ensures that no work or data is lost and business can continue as usual, with or without the hardware.


Working apart means having to keep a keener eye on workflow, outcomes and project details. So much of what would normally have been incidentally discussed or seen in an office is now being worked on from a distance. Using a cloud workspace means that all members of the team are able to keep up-to-date with projects, make changes and add notes as the team progresses. This feature not only adds to productivity but also allows that congruent, team-spirited culture to permeate through the work and into client relationships.


Engaging with Cloud technologies will empower organisation owners and resource managers with tools to expand capabilities in remote working. Furthermore, all-round productivity Cloud-based reporting and auditing mean that more statistical, analytical, and meaningful data is on hand to assess and drive involvement with cloud services and remote worker engagements. Taking advantage of the ability to empower user knowledge of unknown tools and the security to handle recoveries and accountability; cloud-based tools change the landscape of business risk.

In Summary

Shifting your business to cloud computing is a vital way to ensure your business stays current and competitive. By allowing multiple users to work on documents at the same time, work is streamlined and more timeously completed. IT costs are lowered by reducing the amount of hardware and maintenance needed for team members to work, and losses are minimized because of the fewer physical resources at play. No data is lost, and team members are able to connect with each other, in an ongoing and meaningful way.

With all these points in favour of cloud-based workspaces, your next step is really to take the step into the cloud and start reaping the rewards.
Ready to make the shift to Cloud?

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