The Biggest Reason Your Team Productivity is Suffering.

The biggest shortfall of your business right now could be something as simple as communication. The world has changed. It was in the process of changing, becoming more digital and implementing AI, among other technologies, in certain areas, but with COVID hitting, we were catapulted into a trajectory of evolution that was faster than comfortable. […]

How to Use Google Docs on Your Mobile Device

Did you know that 48.33% of internet users in 2019 were on their mobile device? That’s a pretty big number, so, with almost half the world using mobiles for work and play on the net, we bring you a nugget of wisdom… A few tips on how to use Google Docs on your mobile device. […]

Video Call Etiquette: Small Ways to Make a Big Impression Online

How many virtual meetings have you attended since March 2020?  10?  20? Countless?  For most people around the globe, the sudden dawn of digital meetings meant a fair amount of discomfort, having to clear a space with a professional-looking background and needing to quickly learn (and come up with) etiquette rules in this “new normal” […]

Vital Signs it’s Time for Your Business to Shift to Cloud Computing

Did you know that 93% of businesses are already using cloud technologies? We know that running a business means being, pretty much, a superhero. Well, once you have made the shift to the cloud, you will be guaranteed a trusty sidekick! How do you know if cloud computing is the right move forward for you? We […]

3 Cloud Computing Myths Busted

We know. The mere concept of a cloud is whispy, un-touchable, just out of reach and a little stormy at times. But our understanding of the cloud taking the world by storm doesn’t need to be. Today, we are helping bring the cloud down to earth. Here are 3 myths about Cloud Computing, along with their no-nonsense, myth-busting truths, […]

Our Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should Shift to the Cloud

Now, more than ever before, the shift to remote work is not only appealing but necessary. What stopped businesses in the past from taking this route, was mainly the headache of pivoting how the business was actually run. A major concern was around questions of how to keep employees on track with meeting deadlines and […]